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  • To Honour God in all we do!
  • To help and love people!
  • To pursue excellence!
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Protecting Ears

Sleepless nights, tons of tears and repeated wails that “my ear hurts!”

We’ve all heard these words from countless parents.

It turns out that summer time + swimming fun = swimmer’s ear.

Not every child will get swimmer’s ear, but if you have cared for a child who has had swimmer’s ear, you know how...

Spring Fever

Now that we are all looking forward to summer and have that 'Spring fever', I am hearing so many complaints in the gym, at school and at work, how everybody has sinus pain and resulting in headaches etc.

Of course we don't think that the trees are shedding pollen at a staggering rate and that the rain has not yet come to...

Blocked nose and flu

I recently flew overseas for our holiday in Europe but left SA with a blocked nose and flu. I had no worries as I knew I was armed in-flight with my EarPlanes, which effortlessly equalized the difference in air pressure causing me to suffer no pain or discomfort.
We arrived in France, what a dream, the city was beautiful but...